Currently the minimum amount you can borrow is $2,000 while the maximum is $25,000. The company only charge application fee which is an up front payment used in processing and approval of your loan.
Once your account is registered and you are verified, kindly click on 'Request loan' from your dashboard and you can be able to see all the available loan packages
On repayment of loan, we will notify you via Email and in your dashboard a week before your duration date. We work with security personnels from different countries we accept for loan request to ensure loan is repaid back. If loan is not repaid back after duration date, the interest accumulates on daily basis by 1% of amount borrowed. After extra 1month and loan is not yet paid back, we will take up the case Legally. This is why your ID is required for verification. By providing and uploading us your ID mean you accept any legal mean we take to ensure loan is paid back.
Currently we accept only Bitcoin for Repayment of Loan.
Loan will be sent to the provided wallet address registered during application of loan.
For LOAN REQUEST, your account must be fully verified by us with any valid Identification means you provide us with. After registration you will get a notification in your dashboard to verify your account, simply upload a valid ID and wait for verification. Verification normally takes between 1hour to 48hours sometimes faster! depending on how fast our admins are able to confirm your Identity. We already employed Admins from different countries to help in verification of Identity more easily and faster