About us

BTC-SwiftLoan is the first global lending platform for small business and personal loans. We leverage blockchain technology to connect creditworthy borrowers with individual and institutional investors.

What we do

Dedicated To Business Owners

Bitbond supports business owners from around the world, with quick and affordable financing. We're happy to help entrepreneurs from all industries.

Passionate About Investing

We are proud to offer a unique investment opportunity. Our community of 50,000 investors enjoy a diversified loan portfolio across various countries.

Loan Volume

What We Stand For. At Bitbond we are dedicated to six core values. These influence every decision we make, including how we treat our community and each other.

We are committed to winning

Since 2013 BTC-SwiftLoan has grown from a bootstrapped 2 person startup to a multi-million dollar platform.

We make our customers successful

We want to help you achieve extraordinary things. Get the financing or returns you need to be successful.

We work efficiently

In order to provide the best possible service to our community, our 26 person team works as efficiently as possible.

We have a positive attitude

Serving over 150,000 borrowers and investors brings a unique set of challenges. We tackle all of them with a positive attitude.

We learn and share knowledge

Our team and community have many fields of expertise. At Btc-swiftloan we share ours internally and externally.

We deliver excellent results

Over 2,000 borrowers have been funded, a total of more than $13 million on Bitbond. Investors have earned thousands in returns.




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